Friday, April 1, 2011

Greenwash Guerrillas target Pepcoal on Fossil Fool’s Day!

We learned today that the Greenwash Guerrillas in D.C. have taken on Pepcoal for the second year in a row on Fossil Fool’s Day!

Greenwash Guerrillas added additional characters to the “PEPCO” sign on the company’s headquarters building, so that it read "PEPCOAL." Hundreds of fake Pepco advertisements also went up in the DC metrorail system late last night. The Fossil Fool’s Day advertisements highlight Pepco’s continued delivery of electricity from harmful fossil fuels, including coal from mountaintop removal mining.

The press release from Greenwash Guerrillas stated that Pepco is delivering electricity to DC that comes mostly from burning coal, including coal from mountaintop removal mining. The company provided 0 percent of its electricity from solar energy, and less than 2 percent from wind energy in 2010.

This Fossil Fool’s day prank follows the Greenwash Guerrilla prank in 2010, when thousands of letters were distributed to Pepco customers stating that "Pepco is going green" and making radical changes to its infrastructure to shift to wind and solar energy. The letters appeared to be a customer notice from Joseph M. Rigby, chief executive of Pepco's parent company, Pepco Holdings, Inc. Pepco was forced to make public comment on the letters, as noted in the Washington Post. A mock website,, looked similar to, and announced the greening initiative.

More info and photos on D.C. Indymedia

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