Friday, January 29, 2010

DC Rising Tide and DC Students for Democratic Society FUNK the Warming!

Photos and video from today's Funk the Warming protest in Washington, DC

funk the warming protest in DC today

presenting the 'fossil hawk' egg to the chamber of commerce

funk the warming visits pepco!

pepco= fossil hawk! because they are responsible for mountains in Appalachia being blown up for coal!

square dance in front of pepco's office

leading the square dance

"if i can't dance, i don't want to be in your revolution" -emma goldman

showing the banner to pepco employees inside

dancing in the streets in front of pepco

delivering a fossil hawk egg to Shell

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SDS and DC Rising Tide join forces to FUNK the WARMING!

Jan 29: Funk the Warming - Down With the Fossil Hawks

bringing the ruckus against climate chaos and corporate resource wars from stolen Native American land to Iraq and Afghanistan

8.5x11" b&w flyer
11x17" poster
quarter sheets

>> Who?
. You, your fly crew, and your dancing shoes
. mad rowdy young people and our allies
. DC Students for a Democratic Society & DC Rising Tide
in alliance with the Peaceable Assembly Campaign

>> What?
funkadelic youth & student-powered mobile street party
bringing down the corporate lobbying machine

>> When?
Friday January 29th, noontime

>> Where?
Lafayette Park
Washington, DC

>> Why?
Last month, Fossil Hawks celebrated two great victories: the US-led failure of the Copenhagen climate summit and Obama's escalation of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thanks to their aggressive lobbying, the world's worst CO2 emitters, companies like Shell and Exxon, are free from new international pollution regulations and fixing to reap huge profits from Obama's expanding resource wars in the strategic oil and natural gas-rich war zones of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The importance of challenging the violence and treachery of corporate power is becoming increasingly clear to the Climate and Anti-War Movements. If we want to turn the tide of climate chaos and corporate resource imperialism, then 2010 must be a year of unprecedented cooperation between our movements in creative resistance against the Fossil Hawks.

With the US military's ranking as the world's #1 gas guzzler (oil consumer & user), buying from the top polluting transnationals, the problem runs deep. The annual CO2 output of the Iraq War is greater than 139 (60%) of the world's countries. It gets worse, but much of the toxic output from the War on Terror is hard to put a number on. We know that US bombs release heavy doses of other greenhouse gases, and pollutants like depleted uranium (DU) are in regular use. There is a long history of US military-industrial eco-devastation: trench warfare gases in WWI, nukes in WWII, agent orange in Vietnam, DU in Gulf War I, and it'll keep coming 'til we bring them down.

>> Fossil Hawks, WTF?
Fossil Hawks are the war-making corporate climate criminals and the politicians who serve them. They are the mining companies, energy companies, weapons manufacturers, military logistics companies, and mercenaries who profit from resource wars and lobby to sabotage US and UN environmental regulation. Many are at the top of the 122 companies responsible for 80% of global CO2 output. They are diversified corporations and lobbies invested in war and environmental exploitation.

* Exxon is expanding natural gas operations using Halliburton's "fracking" process, poisoning North American aquifers while selling jet fuel to US forces bombing Afghanistan until it's "stable" enough for pipelines moving Caspian natural gas.

* Shell simultaneously profits from Iraqi oilfields and from the fuel US tanks burn to protect them while clear-cutting for tar sands in Alberta and lobbying for "Clean Coal" technology in DC.

* Caterpillar sells the same monstrous gas-guzzling D-9 bulldozers to Massey Coal for mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia that US tax dollars buy for Israeli Military demolition of Palestinian homes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SHAME on EPA! DC residents speak out against EPA approval of MTR permit

DC Residents Shame Environmental Protection Agency for Approving West Virginia Mine Permit

Washington, DC
January 6, 2010

This morning concerned citizens spelled out the words “Shame EPA” at the Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters in protest of the agency’s decision to approve the Hobet 45 mining permit in Lincoln Co. West Virginia.

This permit is one of 79 permits which were deemed by the Agency to present significant environmental harm to the local watersheds thus requiring an enhanced review process. EPA claims that in the case of this permit they have found a reasonable compromise.

Unfortunately for residents of Lincoln County and surrounding waterways, this permit will still allow for 3 miles of intact streams to be mined as well as millions of cubic yards of hazardous fill to be placed in existing valley fills offsite.

Residents like Judy Bonds, Director of Coal River Mountain Watch and resident of West Virginia, express grave concern about this decision as they worry that it is a sign at the new year of things to come. "We, the affected citizens that are living with the impacts of this destructive mining practice, pray that this decision is not a preview of other destructive mining permits being approved."

She continued to express concerns that this decision would only encourage miners who have lately resorted more to fear tactics and violence. “The very sad thing about this decision it is that the coal industry will think that their thugery and their threats contributed to this decision and may encourage them to be more violent in the future. Shame, Shame EPA.”

“We certainly hope this is the last destructive permit approved that will allow the coal industry to continue to blast our homes and pollute our streams,” Judy added.

Even with the changes made to the permit unacceptable adverse impacts will be felt in the communities surrounding this mine. Mountaintop removal is a deadly practice and should be abolished immediately.

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